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Parking for service recipients

Rajthanee Hospital pays attention to the needs of the users in every detail. There is an increase in the parking lot to support the increasing number of users. It can support parking up to 1,780 cars and 64 motorcycles.

There is a road floor adjustment and the floor of the parking to add beauty and clean outlook. Divided into a parking in front of Building A and a new large courtyard near the MRI Center. We not only organize security personnel that maintain security 24 hours a day, but also increased the installation of CCTV in various important spots around the parking lots.

Rajthanee Hospital provides parking spaces for service providers in 2 areas

  • Parking Lot 1: in front of Building A
  • Parking Lot 3: next to the hospital

Motorcycle parking at the basement area of Building C

Parking validation stamp card

  1. At the entrance in front of Building A at the information point
  2. In the area of ​​Building B at the payment point