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Wellness and Occupational Health Center


Our Health Examination Center at Rajthanee Hospital provides health check-ups to the public by recognizing and taking into account the importance of a healthy individual. Therefore, our comprehensive health check up program covers all areas according to gender, age brackets, genetic diseases, and other factors. Rajthanee Hospital is certified for quality according to the standards of hospitals and health services (Hospital Accreditation) in areas of Medical Services, Equipment, Advanced Technology, including the personal. Occupational Health Service, by a team of specialists and nurses, is ready to provide full service. Our center will meet the highest expectations, with precision, in all areas of medical service.

Health Check-up List

  • Annual health check-up divided by age, gender, and other factors. 
  • Annual health check for company employees with onsite services. 
  • Health examination for health insurance 
  • Pre-employment examination 
  • Pre-placement examination
  • Fitness for work examination
  • Return to work examination
  • School enrollment examination
  • Examination for a doctor’s note
  • Driver’s license examination
  • Traveling abroad examination
  • Work permit examination

Occupational Health Services

  1. Walk through survey for industrial facilities by Occupational Health Specialists to assess risks in different departments of factories. Data acquired from risk evaluation will determine health check-up for each department according to the assessment.  
  2. Health check-up with Occupational Health Specialists. 
  3. Medical Services provided by advanced Occupational Health Machines such as, Mobile X-Ray Vehicle, Hearing performance machine, Pulmonary function check, visual performance check-up, ect. 
  4. Onsite medical service for company employees. 

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Service Hours

Daily 07:00- 16:00


Building A, Floor 3

Contact number

035-335555 or 063-2023855 341, 345

Dr. Supaporn MD

Dr. Supaporn MD

Occupational Medicine
Dr. Phannasak MD

Dr. Phannasak MD

Occupational Medicine
Dr. Saran MD

Dr. Saran MD

Occupational Medicine
Dr. Ketsarin MD

Dr. Ketsarin MD

Occupational Medicine


Email :
โทร : 035 335 555 ต่อ 865 , 854
หรือ 061 708 3256 , 065 931 0399
(วันจันทร์ – วันศุกร์ / เวลา 08:00 – 18:00 น.)