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Children Vaccine Package


Well Baby Clinic
1. Immunization services based on age criteria and alternative vaccines
2. Provide advice on development according to age; and promote growth and nutrition.
3. Child health check for life insurance
4. Hearing examination services for newborns
5. Allergy Clinic

Children’s Center
1. Treatment services for children with illness of all systems
2. Specialized treatment for children’s heart disease on Saturday 14:00-17:00
  • IPD Vaccine Package 4 doses (2-15 months) 9,900 baht
  • Rota Vaccine Package 2,000 baht / 2 times
(Doctor and hospital services fees are not included)

For more information

Pediatrics Clinic

Building C, Floor 3
Service Hours: Daily 08:00-20:00


035-335-555 or 063-2023855 ex.317 or 086-810-0731

Well Baby Clinic

Daily 08:00-16:00

Children’s Center

Daily 08:00-20:00